Saturday, November 17, 2007

A b-night with friends...

It's cool to spend time with people you work with, learn with, dream with, prosper with and just have fun being together.

A birthday party was celebrated at Lynn's house with delicious chocholate cake and ice cream for both my wife Marianne and our friend Errol. Errol was proud as a peacock cause people are coming up to him now saying "are you losing weight?". He tells them, it's Doc's minerals! Both got a birthday goodie bag from Char.

Char, who I'd guess you could say is the business partner and true friend of all who attended last night. We call her the mama bear! This 64 year old dynamo is a trip. This self-proclaimed "half-pint" is full of life and unique commentary. She and her sister Marg shared with us a story when she was younger that a very popular salon owner in GR litterally scalped her so bad that she promptly went out and bought a wig. History was born that day and her love for wigs continues.

Her choice however isn't always appropriate for her style as she has been wearing a non-flattering dreadlock number which was black with dark red strands. Ya-man she was jammin. Tonight though, holy cow! She was sporting a long brown/copper beauty that was amazing. Move over Beyonce! She was beaming as she took in all the compliments. I was really happy for her.

Bani and Rachael brought iGen to the party. Their youth and playfulness brought their share of laughter to the group. Bani gave Marianne a stress relieving backrub (hey buddy, that's my job). He also let us know that he just got a huge sale with a local chiropractor. Way to go Ban!

Maggie and Sue shared some commentary on some of the products. Apparently, our new all natural hair growth product Full is gaining aclaim. Maggie said that it's helping with her dry scalp and sees new hair patches and has notice that she is not cleaning her brush from hairs as often. How cool!

After our fill of cake we shared hugs and kisses and wished everyone a great weekend!